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hit up the mall today and bought:
as i lay dying cd
the bled cd.
atreyu poster.

my nails are painted HOT BLOODED and it is truly <3.


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this is by far the shittiest time for me.


i hope that everyone's christmas isnt as fucked as mine.

i love you all.

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Merry Christmas, I Could Care Less.

i have to get my dad a christmas gift now. i was supposed to get him cologne, and my mom bought the womens kind, when she went to exchange it, they have no more. so now it is the day before christmas and i have no gift for my dad. i must go out shopping to find something with all of the crazy last minute shoppers, which i do not look forward to at all.

i need to be saved. my grandma is here for a week, and the people who know her know that i cannot stant her, and as bad as that sounds, until you meet her you cannot talk. so anyone who wants to save me, please do, i dont care if it is christmas at all.

i hate christmas ther than the fact that i get things. i hate all my family together, like you have no idea, it drives me fucking insane. i will stop with my bullshit.

new years eve? what are my plans?

i have been listenin to thrice non stop lately and i love it.


water is poison, c'mon and give me my poison.

the sirens feed my nightmares.

dark hair.
<3's fall out boy.
wears tight pants.
smells oh so good.
laughs all the time.
makes me laugh all the time.
has a dog and gives it treats often.
will walk into victorias secret with me.
gives me butterflies.
likes me for ME.

that is the kind of boy i want. or at least has some of these things. thank-you, that is all. if you are out there, find me, please.

as for me ill be alright

i just bought a $100 dollar down comforter and $150 egyptian cotton 600 thread count sheets. i will be dreaming more than ever. sucks for all of you that you dont get to cuddle with me. MAYBE ill be nice and a select few will recieve that high honor.


where is your boy tonight, i hope he is a gentleman

went shopping bought an awesome sweatshirt and underwear for 18 dollars, YEs, 18 dollars. old navy IS the shit.

tomorrow morning at 7 AM (sucks hardcore) i am off to orlando with my family until sunday, good thing it is only one night, one night that will seem like forever, they are boring. that is about all i can take of that...GOD SAVE ME. we are going to eat at sonny's BBQ how disgusting, ill pass on that one. calls and texts will be AMAZING. if you dont know the # then you arent cool enough. i am going to try and get on the computer there, we will see.

i love you,

copeland is beyond words. i love them oh so much.
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