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where is your boy tonight, i hope he is a gentleman

went shopping bought an awesome sweatshirt and underwear for 18 dollars, YEs, 18 dollars. old navy IS the shit.

tomorrow morning at 7 AM (sucks hardcore) i am off to orlando with my family until sunday, good thing it is only one night, one night that will seem like forever, they are boring. that is about all i can take of that...GOD SAVE ME. we are going to eat at sonny's BBQ how disgusting, ill pass on that one. calls and texts will be AMAZING. if you dont know the # then you arent cool enough. i am going to try and get on the computer there, we will see.

i love you,

copeland is beyond words. i love them oh so much.

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    new livejournal name: watch__me_die <3

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    i have 10 friends and a crowbar that say you aint gonna do jack.

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    hit up the mall today and bought: as i lay dying cd the bled cd. shirt. atreyu poster. my nails are painted HOT BLOODED and it is truly <3. <3

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